Dec 30, 2008. Cologne pupils rate the Game Design of 80Days

Results of the first user validation on 80Days'
game design are available.



Cologne. From 7th-8th November 2008 the finals of the World Cyber Games 2008 and the 3rd Youth Forum North Rhine-Westphalia took place in Cologne.

The topic of the Youth forum was „Playful learning in Virtual Worlds“ and takomat together with the University of Graz presented the 80days project with a booth at the forum and participated in a panel discussion about „Learning in Virtual Worlds“.

At the 80days booth, takomat conducted a survey with our intended target group (pupils around 12-14 years) in order to validate the game design of the 80days game. The questionnaire was designed by the University of Leicester which is responsible for scientific evaluation and validation of the game.

139 pupils (78 girls and 61 boys) were involved in the survey. They were asked to complete a questionnaire to express their opinions on different aspects of the game design and to provide some improvement suggestions based on their own ideas. Furthermore, some general questions about their computer game play habit (i.e. frequency, gametype) were included in the questionnaire.

Results of the survey suggest that the 80Days game design concept was generally well received by the respondents. The fact that almost 60% of the children intend to play the game (‘Probably Yes’ and ‘Surely Yes’) in the future is encouraging. Responses to the specific questions on the game design showed some interesting results how the pupils perceive the story and the characters of the game.


While the respondents found stories about aliens in general moderately interesting (2.7 out of five), the particular 80Days-story showed much more positive responses (3.4 out of the five). Additionally, there were significant gender differences in the perception of alien stories in general, in which the boys showed a stronger interest than the girls, In contrast, the 80Days story was equally well perceived by these boys and girls. It seems that the 80Days story improves the generic extraterrestrial story type as well as the gender specific acceptance of such stories.

Game Characters

56% of the pupils would „like to fly with this Alien Scout in the UFO“, 20% of the respondents didn’t like that idea. Feon’s character design – the Alien Scout – was perceived positive; the first five most frequent adjectives the youths used to describe him were „friendly“ (35), „funny“ (30), „clever“ (29), „small“ (29), „cute“ (28).