Cognitive Science Section (CSS)
Dep. of Psychology, University of Graz, Austria

Founded in 1585, the University of Graz is one of the oldest and largest Universities in Austria. In the university’s long tradition, numerous important people taught and researched in Graz, among them, six Nobel Prize winners. In 80Days, the University of Graz is represented by the Cognitive Science Section (CSS; Department of Psychology, Faculty of Natural Science). CSS is well-known for its work in cognitive science and e-learning, and

general psychology for more than a decade. The workgroup is composed by an interdisciplinary research team including psychologists from different disciplines (e.g., cognitive, mathematical, media, or motivation/emotion psychology), computer scientists, and mathematicians. In addition, CSS associates with the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences. CSS is doing research, evaluation, and development in experimental, theoretical and applied cognitive psychology. The focus is on the investigation of the structures of cognitive processes, the representation of knowledge and competencies as well as their applications in individualized web-based testing and in adaptive e-learning systems. CSS has a long term experience in European R&D projects and is currently involved in the projects iClass and ELeGI as well as ELEKTRA. Moreover, CSS is a member in the (learning-related) Networks (of Excellence) Kaleidoscope , ProLearn , D-ELAN , and the Academy for New Media and Knowledge Transfer . CSS primarily focuses on theoretical work an adaptive educational theory and technology but also putted its expertise in experimenting and evaluating to the disposal of various projects (e.g., ELEKTRA).


UniGraz is the coordinating institution of 80Days and also responsible for research concerning interactive and adaptive competence-development, theoretical frameworks for adaptive interventions on micro and macro levels, knowledge representation, and competence assessment.

Project Coordinator and principle researcher is
Dr. Michael Kickmeier-Rust

University of Graz, Department of Psychology
Technical University Graz, Inst. for Knowledge Management
Brückenkopfgasse 1 / 6
8020 Graz

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