takomat GmbH, Cologne, Germany

takomat was founded by media professionals, computer scientists and media artists in 2003 as a highly innovative think tank and production company for the conception and creation of new media productions and formats. The field of activity ranges from interactive rich media productions for the internet, classic website-design and content management systems to innovative state-of-the-art-projects like 3D-computer animation, interactive TV broadcasting, automated real-time 3D-character animation, solid intuitive reactive systems or computer game design. The members of the company successfully contributed to commercial projects in the media business and industry working for well-known clients. They also participated in research projects and gained a lot of experience and honors in various research activities over the last years. The three managing partner have been the coordination team of the 80Days forerunner project “ELEKTRA "(www.elektra-project.org).



In 80Days, TAKO is primarily involved in game design and development, solid real-time systems experience and therefore consultancy, digital storytelling, dissemination, and public relation activities. In addition, TAKO provides expertise in knowledge representation, innovative user interface design, Adaptive Real-Time Artificial Intelligence character animation and Content Production.

Contact Person
Guido Doublet

Neptunplatz 6b
50823 Cologne, Germany

Phone: +49 (221) 2600453
Mobile: +49 (175) 4141808
Email: doublet@takomat.com

The Team @ Cologne

» Daniel Schwarz
» Lars Maria Schnatmann
» Christina Bruch